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FAQ for Affiliates

Commonly asked questions

What does it mean to become a LUNVA affiliate?

What is the commission rate paid to affiliates?

How is my commission calculated?

What is an affiliate link and what does it look like?

Can I also link to a specific product that I would like to promote?

How can I test if my affiliate link is working?

Is there a way to shorten my affiliate link(s)?

For how long will my affiliate link remain active?

What if a customer clicks on another affiliate’s link after he clicked on my link? Will I get the sale?

How do I access my affiliate dashboard?

Who is Affiliatly?

Do I need to be approved first before I can become an affiliate?

Do you have minimum sales requirements in order for me to remain an affiliate?

Do I need to stay in the USA before I can become an affiliate?

Where do I sign up as an affiliate?


How and when will I be paid?

Can I receive my commissions via another payment method other than Paypal?

Where do I enter my Paypal email address?

Will tax be deducted from my commission payments?

How can I promote LUNVA?

Do I need a website?

How can I promote LUNVA as an affiliate without a website?

What methods of promotion are not allowed?